U.S.G.I. Mermite
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U.S.G.I. Mermite

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U.S.G.I. Mermite- Military Surplus Food Storage/Transport container. USGI Insulated Food Container. Made of stainless steel and aluminum with insulation between the inner and outer shells. Inside there are usually 3 aluminum containers for meat, potatoes and vegetables. The 3 aluminum containers normally have lids and bail type carry handles. Each can has two carry handles. These were commonly called "mermite cans" during the WWII , Korean War, and Viet Nam.

The lids normally came with a a rubber seal and four latches to keep it on and tightly sealed. Most rubber seals are dry rotted. mermite itself is in used, good condition with the usual marks from field service.

These food containers were know for being able to keep a hot meal hot and cold drinks cold. They are getting harder to find as our military has switched to plastic containers.Attention - Collectors and Re-enactors, I have a few of these in stock. When they are gone, I doubt I will ever find them again.

These are in great shape and have a few scratches or small dents, and/or pealing paint. I have a few that are complete w/ rubber gaskets, 3 interior cans w/ lids. The best ones are to be sold first.

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